Who pays for customs fees on an international sale ?

Do I have to pay customs fees on Ankorstore ?

At Ankorstore, we aim at connecting brands and retailers across Europe. Unfortunately, some countries are not part of the European Union, and this can lead to complications when goods are crossing borders.

As a result, additional customs fees and taxes may be due during customs clearance. If these formalities are handled by the carrier, they may incur additional fees that are not included in the payment on Ankorstore

Since Brexit became effective on 1st of January, we’ve noticed high friction on orders between the UK and the EU. A major issue has been the lack of visibility on custom fees amounts leading to nasty surprises. We therefore have decided to compensate retailers for 100% of the custom fees with an Ankorstore Voucher over the next three months on all orders from and to UK. You will be able to send the invoice to our customer service, which will proceed to a refund (ex-VAT) via promo code. You will receive an email after placing your order with all the necessary instructions. 

When buying an imported product, the payment is received without VAT and without customs duties. These fees depend on the products, and you will find more information on your country's customs website.

Good to know: It is possible to filter by country on our site, so you can choose only certain countries for your purchases.