How are customs fees applied on an international sale?

When exporting and importing products, additional customs fees and taxes are levied. If these formalities are handled by the carrier, this may lead to additional costs which are not included in the prices indicated on the platform or in the payment.

Following Brexit, Ankorstore credits back to retailers custom fees on all orders to and from the UK, for a limited time until 01 January 2022. The retailer will be issued an invoice from the carrier for customs and related charges which needs to be paid. 48 hours after the order ships, the retailer will then receive an email from Ankorstore with details on how to claim the credit. There is a link to a form in the email and the retailer must fill in order details and submit the amount paid in customs. A promo code for the customs amount (ex-VAT) will be emailed to the email address used to register the account.

Please note: When purchasing an imported product, the total checkout amount displayed is exclusive of VAT and customs duties.