How can I see my page in different languages ?

The Ankorstore website automatically adapts to your browser's language. Our platform currently has 5 native languages:

- French
- English
- German
- Spanish
- Dutch

If you are a French brand, and want to see your store and products in English, you just have to change the default language of your browser to English.


On Chrome, you can go directly to chrome://settings/languages

Put the English language first (you may need to add it) then refresh your brand page, and you're done!

For other browsers, a Google search should quickly help you!

What content on our platform is translated?

- On the brand page: the description and all textual elements are translated, except for the product names. The original description is still available.

- On the product page: the description is also translated (but still not the product title).

Why not translate the product titles? because they are often language specific and difficult to translate automatically.

However, we can add the non-automatic translations made by you in the 5 languages mentioned above! To do so, please fill in this form and select "Update my shop".