How do I invite my prospects on Ankorstore ? What is the LIFT program ?

The tool "MyNetwork" in your backoffice allows you to have a view on your customers by type of origin: customers acquired from Ankorstore, historical clients, prospects etc...

You can import your historical clients on your personnal space and benefit from a 0% commission for life when they place an order. If these historical clients are new on the platform, they will be eligible for the 100€ voucher offered by Ankorstore on your store (only if they have never placed an order on Ankorstore).

You can also invite prospects or dormant customers by importing your list on MyNetwork and thus sending them a 100€ voucher offered by Ankorstore to use on your store (only if they have never placed an order on Ankorstore). Customers using this code will have a 0% commission for life.


In the MyNetwork tab on your Ankorstore account:

1- Go to MyNetwork tab

2- In the top right corner, click on "import my historical customer list".

3- Enter the email addresses of prospects or dormant customers

4- We check their eligibility (for example if they already have an account on our platform)

5- Send an email with the LIFT voucher of 100€ to be used on your brand on their first order. This voucher is in the form of a personalised code (the retailer must enter this on their first checkout) and will appear as per the example email. You can personalize this email if you wish.

6- Contact by phone the prospective stores (brands tell us this is helpful to see the voucher used)

Then, on the MyNetwork page, you can follow the progress of your different prospecting emails.


What are the advantages?

  • For you, it is about activating potential customers and developing your commercial base. Moreover, the commission will be 0% on life for any order.
  • For the retailer, they can discover your brand thanks to the 100€ voucher, applicable on multi-brand orders from 300€, and 200€ on your brand