How do I ship between UK and EU?

As a result of Brexit, the free movement of goods between the UK and EU no longer exists. UK and EU retailers can still purchase goods from brands in the EU and UK respectively but will need to import those goods. Both shipping options are available and it is up to you to choose whichever you prefer.

Please find below some important information related to exportation of goods.

EORI Numbers:

The Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number is used as an identification number in all customs procedures - it tells the customs authorities what you are exporting.

How to apply for an EORI number? In the EU, you can request an EORI number from the customs authorities of the EU country where your business is established. You can find more information here. In the UK, you can apply for an EORI number by filling out an application here. The application is free and usually takes a few minutes to complete. Please find more information here.

Shipment preparation instructions: 

  1. Add your EORI number and the retailer’s EORI number on the invoice (Please direct message retailers via your personal space to get this information) 
  2. Enter the relevant HS Codes or tariff codes for the products (for guidance on HS codes, refer to this link
  3. Complete the “Made in” field for the products (this serves as a declaration for the origin of the products and products originating from the UK and EU are exempt from tariffs and quotas)
  4. Print 3 copies of the pro-forma invoice, add in your and the retailer’s EORI and provide a signature on each copy you print.
    1. One copy is to be put inside the package for the receiver 
    2. One should be attached to the outside with the shipping label 
    3. One copy handed over to the driver/ for their own records
  5. Optional: Add “ reason for export: sale” on the invoice (to avoid delays)


Products imported into the EU or the UK are subject to customs review at the port of entry and may be subject to duties and taxes too. Due to a lack of visibility on the customs duties to be paid, Ankorstore has decided to cover the cost of these duties by issuing a voucher. Please note that this is a limited-time offer (until the 1st of January). You can find more information here.

Delivery time:

Checks at the border, although not frequent, can happen and this may impact the delivery time.

Please note: Brands on Ankorstore are responsible for the regulatory compliance of the products they export into foreign countries, including but not limited to product safety, labelling requirements, consumer protection laws, and other import/ export regulations. It is advisable to seek legal counsel regarding the eligibility of products. Should you wish to restrict receiving orders from some countries, please fill out this form, selecting the topic “General Functioning” and we shall get back to you.