How does billing work at Ankorstore ?

You don't have to send any invoice to the retailer! Everything is taken care of on the platform.

For your request, you have two invoices :

  • Invoice for the amount of the order: pro forma until the reception of the shipment, at which point the final invoice is generated. This invoice is in your name and in the retailer's name 
  • Invoice for the amount of the commission: takes into account the commission, the VAT on commission and the reimbursement of shipping costs (if applicable). It justifies the price difference between the payment of the transfer received and the value of the order. This invoice is issued when the order is received and validated by the retailer. All commissions are calculated on the amount before tax. This invoice is in your name and in Ankorstore's name.

Please note: the transfers of payment received can be different from the amount of the invoices. You can have a summary of your transfers in your personal space, tab Payments.

To obtain an excel extract of your invoices, go to your Ankorstore personal space > Orders > Export > Choose "invoice export".

Can't find your invoices? Please consult the following article