How is the billing done and how is the VAT applied on an international sale ?

You want to buy international products but you don't know the VAT impacts ? Here are the main points to keep in mind:

You have a store in an EU country and buy in a country outside the EU or vice versa. You must then buy your goods without VAT. In this instance you are under the VAT export regime.

As a buyer, you are responsible for paying the VAT in your country. The taxation is carried out at the time the goods pass through customs. You can then deduct the VAT that you have paid at the time of the importation as long as you meet the formal and substantive conditions for exercising the right to deduct.

In concrete terms, the carrier generally takes care of the customs clearance formalities when the purchased goods go through customs and will charge you the VAT when the goods are delivered to you. Please note that the carrier may charge you additional duties and customs fees. Indeed, on our platform, customs fees are charged to the retailler.