I have to deliver a package to Switzerland, what are the formalities?

I need to ship to Switzerland, what are the customs' formalities?

As Switzerland is not part of the European Union there are formalities to be settled on your side. To help you, we have found this link which explains the steps to follow.

At the time of shipment, please remember to include with your order: 

  • The CN22 / CN23 form 
  • 3 copies of your pro-forma invoices 
  • A certificate of origin of the products

Please note that VAT is not applicable on shipments to Switzerland as long as the retailer provides his VAT number. Without a VAT number, we cannot verify it and must therefore apply it. In addition, customs fees, even if sent through our partner UPS, are at the expense of the retailer.

If you don't want to ship to this area, you can refuse the order by going to your space on Ankorstore: https://ankorstore.com/account/orders