I want to change the photos of my brand online (banner, logo, 4 thumbnails, etc.), how can I do it ?

If you want to change the photo on your online shop, we can take care of it for you.

Please upload the photos on your drive and fill in this form by selecting "Update my shop".

The photos must respect the following dimensions:

  • banner photo: 1600*400 (minimum)
  • square photo: 500*500 (minimum)
  • logo: 300*300 (minimum)

Concerning the "4 thumbnails", which appear on the Ankorstore catalog view when you move your mouse over your brand, you should know that they correspond to the first 4 products present on your brand catalog.

You can manage the order of your products although it depends on the number of products you have:

  • Under 240 products: you can change the order of the pictures from your personal space > My products > Organize (top right), and you can move the order of your products by dragging them with your mouse
  • More than 240 products: we do it for you.

To do so, please update your drive with the desired order of products, and fill in this form by selecting "Update my shop".