I want to make a product unavailable "out of stock" or available "in stock", how do I do it?

You want to put a product "out of stock" or remove it from your catalog? Nothing could be easier!

Here are the options available:

  • Disable (deactivate) a product: this means that the product is "out of stock", i.e. it is still visible but cannot be ordered
  • Archive (remove from the catalog) a product: this means that the product is no longer visible on your online store or in your back office

These functionalities are accessible from your back office > tab Products > Select products (tick the boxes of the products on the left side of the product list) > Actions > Choose the desired action: "Disable selected products" or "Archive selected products".


It is also possible to update the stock of all your products at once (including particular size options).

To do so, please go to your back office> tab Products > Update catalog stock > “Download the CSV of your current stocks” : 

In the CSV file, you will be able to indicate if the selected item (SKU number indicating the product or a specific size option) is: 

  • out of stock = 0
  • in stock = 1 or more (please note that currently it will only update the status of your stock and not the actual quantity of your items in stock).

Once everything is ready, you can save the document and save it by pressing again on Update catalog stock > Choose a file. The stock of products (as well as specific size variants) will be updated automatically.