NET-60 or 30 Payment Terms: How does it work ?

Pay 30 or 60 days after you placed your order

We have an agreement with financial partners that enable us to offer NET-30 or 60 payment terms (depending on the country). This service is free of charge for retailers but is subject to eligibility conditions.

How it works:
- You place your order at Day 0
- We withdraw the money 60 days after you placed the order. This means that the delivery time is included in the 60 days.

This offers you time to receive and sell the goods before paying for them!
We also pay the brands directly upon delivery.

Eligibility for Net-60 depends on several criteria that are reviewed by our financial partners. If you wish to benefit from it, we can obtain your eligibility if you provide us with your last financial statements (last closed accounts, interim accounts, recent general balance...), which we will forward to them. This information will be treated with strict confidentially. In this case, please fill in this form, under the heading "Invoice & Payment", and we will put you in contact with our partner.