I don't understand your commission system, can you explain ?

All commissions are calculated on the amount of the order before tax.

This commission includes the guarantee of payment on delivery, payment facilities (60 days) for the reseller and the reimbursement of shipping costs by Ankorstore. There are no additional fees. All commissions are calculated ex VAT.


Here is a summary table of our commissions for more clarity:

  First order Reorders Guarantee against the risk of non-payment Transportation fees
Ankorstore brings me a customer             20%              10%          Included  Paid by Ankorstore
I convert a prospect with a LIFT voucher            0%              0%           Included Paid by Ankorstore
I bring a historical client on the site (order via the "My Network tool or via the widget)            0%              0%          Included Paid by Ankorstore