My application was not accepted. What are the criteria to sell on Ankorstore ?

We have pretty strict selection rules. We can't reveal our secret recipe but, put simply, we evaluate a brand's potential for success on a case-by-case basis.

Above all, we want authentic brands that champion independent values and wish to have a selective distribution network. If you sell in big stores, on big e-commerce sites or on private sales websites with discounted prices, it will likely be difficult to be selected on Ankorstore. This does not call into question the quality of your products but an independent retailer will struggle to be competitive with these types of businesses.


Please note that our criteria is based on the following points:
  • You are a registered company with the right to sell your products
  • You have a company bank account where we can pay you,
  • Your products fall into our categories : food, home & living, children, fashion accessories, jewelry
  • You are willing to wholesale : high resolution photos, high quality service, sufficient stock, good profit margins, as a retailer will not buy from your store if they cannot make enough profit margin on your products