What is the benefit for a retailer to buy on Ankorstore rather than directly through the brand?

Good question!
It's our job to ensure that the answer is obvious :)

On Ankorstore:

- The service is Free, there are no commissions or any contract whatsoever

- You place all your orders at the same time, in one place.
You don't have to send an email for one brand, file in a paper purchase order on the order, place a phone call, and so on. 

- You get free shipping for all orders totalling €300 excl. VAT or more, with one or several brands.
The minimum order amount per brand is fixed: €100 excl. VAT

- You get NET-60 or NET-30 payment terms (depending on the country), free of charge

- And even if brands pay us a fee on their sales, we guarantee the best prices on Ankorstore. Should you get cheaper prices through the brand, don't hesitate to reach out to us at sales@ankorstore.com
We do offer shipping to all brands, so, in the end, it is not possible to get better prices directly.

- Ankorstore is a platform made for and by retailers. You can refer the brand you want to buy and receive €100 of voucher, per brand. This is a perfect way to make more or re-orders or simply testing new brands! 
Please refer them here: https://apply.ankorstore.com/en-referral/#avantages