What is the benefit for a retailer to buy on Ankorstore rather than directly from the brand ?

Good question! It's our job to ensure that the answer is obvious :)

On Ankorstore:

  • The service is free, there are no commissions or any contract whatsoever.
  • You place your orders in one time. 
  • You get free shipping for all orders over €300 (ex-VAT) with one or more brands. The minimum order amount per brand is fixed at €100 (ex VAT). 
  • You have access to NET-60 or NET-30 payment terms (depending on the country), free of charge (subject to eligibility)
  • And even if brands pay us a fee on their sales, we guarantee the best prices on Ankorstore. Should you get cheaper prices through purchasing directly, don't hesitate to fill in this form, under the heading "General functionning of Ankorstore". We offer shipping to all our brands so they can focus on offering you the best possible product at the best possible price.

Don't see your usual brands on Ankorstore? Earn money by refering them!

Ankorstore is a platform made for and by retailers. You can refer the brand you want to purchase from and receive a voucher worth €100, per brand. This is the perfect way to help you make more orders, organise your repeat orders or simply test new brands!

Please refer them here: https://apply.ankorstore.com/en-referral/#avantages